LaCruz® founds
its roots in long
experience and tests
in a territory were the
wine culture has always
been strongly eradicated

LaCruz® was founded in 2006 by
Mr Andrea Cruzzolin and since then,
it has become an important reference
point in the wine sector.
LaCruz® founds its roots in long
experience and tests in a territory were
the wine culture has always been
strongly eradicated. Its constant
innovation and improvement of
know-how in the technological
and mechanical fields and the
endless research of new material
have set the basis for the creation
of products intended for an improved
efficiency in this sector and for all
those using them. LaCruz® offers a
wide range of products: spare parts,

accessories for harvesting, binding
and trimming, batteries, pruning shears,
besides the sale/rent of harvesters.
A young and dynamic company able
to produce these innovative solutions
thanks to its LaCruz® Solution department,
where concepts and plans are developed
and tested. A tangible result of this
commitment is represented by the
modification kits for Pellenc harvesters,
able to improve the efficiency and
profitability of the machines by almost 30%.
LaCruz® is looking into the future by
expanding his business to new markets,
heading to an international dimension,
rich in useful exchanges and experiences.

A young and dynamic structure



Thanks to a nationwide, well-organized sales network, we are ready to advise our customers in all their choices up to the post-sales assistance, in Italy and abroad, with care and competence.


Thanks to the professionalism of our technicians we are able to offer solutions not only for the general market but also specific solutions for the needs of a single customer.


Keeping our production at the highest levels means investing in development and research: our products are not an arrival point, but just a step in the development of an always lively and future-oriented innovation.


Our service is the result of organization, rapidity and punctuality: essential requirements to be able to manage and ship every day thousands of articles in every part of the world.


We take care of our customers in every moment and especially in the most delicate phases, such as the assistance, the inspection or the fixing of products, thanks to available and highly qualified staff.
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